PythonGroup- About Us

The company was established by pooling together capacities and potentials of a number of founders from Hungary, USA, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Netherland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, India, Hongkong, Singapore, Australia each of them having an extensive international businesses experience and operations on all the continents and considerable expertise, business and political credibility.



The PythonGroup Holdings is extremely successfull in areas of international business consulting, investment and business liaison between companies in Europe and is also expanding its business activities worldwide.

▪ Consulting services in international financial business relations


▪ Services of expert verification of investment projects, creation of business plans and other business needs


▪ Services of implementation of development projects of new technologies / eco, bio, green


▪ Services of international linking in production and distribution of final products


▪ Services of full engineering in process of realization of complex projects in domain of infrastructure, energetic, industry and others


▪ Services in implementation of development strategies of certain local communities, municipalities, regions


▪ Creating and founding mixed companies, earning concession rights and public private partnership in capital investments

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